Have you ever dreamt with free fall yet? Have you wished to be over the clouds? Are you ready for some thrill?


Our Club helps you to realize your dreams with the world-wide and efficient Accelerated Free Fall training (AFF), which is the modernist fast method of learning to skydive. If you feel audacious enough and you are serious about becoming a qualified skydiver, request information from us, we help you! With our experienced instructors you are able to be a qualified skydiver in a weeks’ time.

As a first step, you have to take part in a medical examination at these hospitals, doctors: LIST OF MEDICAL EXAMS, where the key examines will certify that your health condition fits for jumping. Fee of this control is 13 800 HUF+7.000.HUF authority fee, which has been paid at the spot and you should book a date before you go there. For more information call directly the hospitals, doctors!

AFF course starts with an 8-12-hours-long ground (paper) training and then you have to complete 9 jumping levels. During the 9 stages program you will be taught different skills and exercises in the air.  You will make your first jump from 3500-4000m with two instructors holding you during the freefall phase, which lasts 45-50 seconds. The instructors will communicate and guide you, and take care of performing the secure and correct jumping. If you have not fully mastered all the required techniques of the certain stage, you may have to repeat the level again (at own charge) in order to acquire the safety movement in the air and to proceed to the next stages.

After compliance of the 9 levels and the exam exercise, you may get a basic license and, with control of instructors of our Club, you can jump by yourself.

According to the request, we start courses from spring until autumn, in every 3-4 weeks. We can organize training in winter as well; in this case we jump abroad in a location has suitable weather conditions. We train no more than 10 students at the same time, in the interest of paying the most attention to the quality and personal aspect of the training.

For booking and more information write to: or

Or call:  +36 30 945-8081


Give a gift AFF course voucher for birthday or other events as a present!