MBSE - The Club

The Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club (In Hungarian MBSE) was founded in 2002 and official registered in 2003 as the first organization in Hungary aiming to support and represent the BASE jump sport. Its founder members are professional parachutists and the first BASE jumpers of Hungary as well as other fellows who stand up for this sport.

The main purpose of the Club is to support and popularize the Hungarian parachuting and BASE jumping sports in addition to the base jumpers and sky divers. Its further task is to organize national and international contests and provide instructions fitting the current standards. MBSE, with more national associated clubs, founded the Hungarian BASE jump Association in 2004 in order to coordinate and develop the sport.

Our Club is the most progressive parachuting club in Hungary due to the high standard education and friendly atmosphere. Number of members successively grew in the last years thus we became one of the largest sport clubs of the country, which has more than 80 members today including the BASE jumpers as well.

You find more information about the fellows under club members, profiles menu.

We provide parachuting training programs (AFF) from spring till autumn and offer tandem jumps those who are interested in the parachuting. We use the newest professional gears; our instructors are very experienced skydivers having more-thousand jumps and being counted as the greatest in Hungary. The Club endeavours to take part in each national and international sky-diving contests (RW, FF, WINGSUIT, Speedway, etc..) and produce medalist results.

Functionaries of the Club:
Managing chairman: András Muskovszky
Chairman: Csaba Szörényi
Vocational leader, chief instructor: Gábor Verebes