Promotional, commercial and demonstration jumps

Experienced jumpers of our Club have popularized successfully the sport in numerous events and program throughout the country and fascinated the audience with skydive or BASE jumps. By the request of the order party, we can offer demo jumps for business events, ceremonies, wedding or other public program, where the guests desire to see some remarkable attraction. The jumping is performed from small aircrafts or helicopter and in case of existence of a fix object or using of mobile crane, there is possibility to show BASE jumps as well.

Exit of skydive jumps are at 1000-1200m and after a 10-second-long freefall we open the canopy. The jumpers approach with smoke signal with their legs whereupon they are well visible from the ground. After the freefall we land on the agreed, railed off space near by the audience. The canopies, used for this kind of jumps are slower and really accurate, thus we are able to manoeuvre them easier and securely to the smaller landing area. By demand, we can carry the customer’s flag or advertisements on our legs.

If we have possibility to land bigger (at least 50 x 200 m) free grassy area or water surface, leaving the aircraft on the same altitude, we can perform landing with ultra fast canopy using smoke signal on our legs and execute the manoeuvre in much more impressive way as the normal landing we do. From higher altitude (at least 2000 m) we are able to jump in special clothes having wings (called: wing suit), wearing smoke signals and we free fly side by side in fleet over the audience with 180km/h speed (which is double of our vertical speed). It is enthralling attraction, likewise the aerial tricks of fighters on air shows.

In case of show-jumping, we open our canopy on altitude of 800 m followed by 2-3-minutes-long descending, then we touch down on the indicated landing areas. We use small aircraft of 4-5 people or helicopter for performing the show, which take off from different airfield depending on the local of the certain program.

We can undertake BASE jump show under the condition that the fix object (building, tower, antenna, bridge, crane, mobile crane, etc) are at least 50-60m (which is minimum altitude of BASE jump) is provided by the customer/organizer to execute the jumps. We perform the show at very close to the audience so the viewer gets astonishing experience! (Click for watching a slow altitude BASE jump video!) Due to the slow altitude, from the point of leaving the object until the landing, jumping is carried out in 10-15 seconds. Jumpers land on an indicated area at really near to the viewers.

If we kindle your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can provide you a personal offer!